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The CWNG system utilizes a call sequencer, which allows calls to enter your system in the order received. Once the call is captured, a digitally recorded message relays a thank you and a brief message concerning daily specials or simple menu suggestions.

The system puts the caller on hold and explains that the lines are all busy and the next customer service rep will take their order. At this time, they will hear another message about daily specials, or possible job opportunities. The next voice heard will be the counter person ready to take the order.  For more information on the CWNG email

The CallWorks Mini Next Gen (CWNG) provides a comprehensive Call Management and Control solution for retail stores, small call centers, and many other applications. The professional grade hardware and software works by answering incoming calls to deliver professionally recorded messages, and then holds the caller until staff can answer the calls.  With CallWorks Mini NextGen you need never miss another customer call.  

The CWNG offers other value-add benefits such as call recording, message on hold, wireless audio, and an optional wallboard display. The system can be used in conjunction with an existing PBX systems or as a stand-alone offering connected to single line or multi-line analog phones.  CWNG’s powerful call management allow full control of telephone related operations.  

Benefits include: 

  • Eliminate lost calls
  • Upsell customers before taking orders
  • Promote lunch, dinner and other specials
  • Take more orders in less time
  • Increase revenue through increased call volume
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction 
  • Online Web Portal for ease of maintenance and modification